Making Of Horned Man

The Making Of Horned Man by Paul Large, website , email : . The image started as a sketch inside ZBrush and grew from there into the final image almost by accident. Sketching characters in ZBrush is a great way to concept ideas, mess around with forms and come up with cool new things. After the sketch I retopologised the head section of the model and from there used the polypaint tools in ZBrush to create the textures. Rendering was handled with Mental Ray in 3ds Max. I find Mental Ray to be the most accessible of the available rendering systems for Max, and the fact that Max already comes with it makes it great. Also, having used XSI for many years, the creation of shaders in Mental Ray has become second nature to me

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Making of Obidos

The making of Obidos by Hugo Silva, web site : . He inspired by a few personal photos from Obidos (another ancient village with a sweet little castle), from a street lost in the corners of this village, but especially this photo (Ref. Photo A) was taken with the purpose to recreate it in 3D.

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Taking the new Autodesk Mudbox 2009 for a spin and a sculpt

Mudbox 2009, the second generation of Mudbox is an amazingly easy to use digital sculpting tool that takes away all the technical aspects of working in 3D and lets your imagination and creativity flow. This may sound corny, but it really is that easy to use, and impressively fast.
The latest version added several new sculpting brushes, along with an entirely new, and much anticipated painting system. Read more >>

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X-Men: Extreme Makeover

In this week's podcast we talk to Greg Strause, of Lola and Hydraulx and John Bruno visual effects supervisor of X-Men, about the amazing 25 year digital facelifts in X-Men: The Last Stand. We are also joined in our companion written story by Eric Saindon who headed up the Weta X-Men 3 team . Read more >>

M.I.A Bang by David OReilly

Announcing ZBrush 4

ZBrush 4 will be a free upgrade for all registered users of ZBrush on Windows and Mac systems.

Getting ready for the upgrade is easy, and linked to your Support Account

Making of From the hoop

Making of From the hoop by iamyog

Story of From the hoop is inspired by Earl Manigault's life. Earl Manigault was one of the greatest basketball player of his generation. Mentored by Holcombe Rucker through his youth he became the star of his high school team. As an universitary champion, he seemed destined to shine in NBA. But before the transition, he fell into drugs and lead his life far away from the basket. After dark years made of jail, drugs and friend's death, he gave up this world to return in the right way to Harlem. He started the "Walk Away From Drugs" tournament for kids in Harlem. He died in 1998 from a heart failure. Read More ....

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MakeHuman 1.0.0 alpha1

This Alpha 1 release provides the 1st formal testing release for the functionality that has been implemented to date. This is not a full-function release and, most notably, does not provide functionality to allow the figure to be posed. It does include examples of all of the different tools and techniques that this software will provide to enable you to easily model the anatomy of a human figure, although some of these functions are not yet complete and are not necessarily in their final form. Read More ....

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CG Channel announces animation reel contest!

CG Channel announces our first animated short/animation reel contest!
Winners will receive a copy of John Lasseter's Bolt on blu-ray. In addition to the free 3 disc combo pack, winners will be interviewed by CG Channel and have their video featured on our homepage!
2 winners will be chosen one for best animation reel and one for best animated short. Read More ....

Physical Dynamic Rendering, the Future of 3D Computer Graphics?

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Making of The Cursed Pirate

Cursed Pirate is a part of a scene where two characters are present but for Making of, focusing mainly on the Sea Creature. Read More ....

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V-Ray courses

If you want a career in visualisation then you’ll need to be completely proficient in using one of the most celebrated rendering tools on the market, V-Ray. Each course will be taught by acclaimed tutor Rusko Ruskov alongside the software creator, Peter Mitev. You will learn how to produce photo-realistic renders for your visualisation work taking each creation to the next level. Read more ....

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Key Highlights of Autodesk 3ds Max 2010

Innovative Creative Tools

  • A new Graphite modeling and texturing system introduces at least 100 additional creative tools and helps artists explore and more rapidly iterate their ideas.
  • The addition of render-like effects in the viewport display - such as soft shadowing, exposure control and ambient occlusion - offers near photo-real quality for faster decision making.

Powerful New Referencing and Scene Management Capabilities

  • Artists can create robust referencing workflows to help organize complex scenes more easily by treating multiple objects and scenes as a single Container object.
  • A new Material Explorer helps to simplify the way artists interact with objects and materials, making iterations much easier even in highly complex scenes.
  • The new multithreaded xView mesh analyzer technology helps to significantly reduce errors by providing in-viewport reporting on several types of mesh.

Enhanced Software Interoperability and Pipeline Integration

  • 3ds Max 2010 is the first animation package to integrate mental images' powerful mental mill technology. This allows users to develop, test and maintain hardware-agnostic shaders and complex shader graphs for hardware and software rendering with real-time visual feedback.
  • Enhanced OBJ support and ProOptimizer technology provide improved interoperability with Autodesk Mudbox software.
  • Additional support for C# and .NET gives developers the access they need to customize, extend and integrate 3ds Max into their existing pipelines. Read More ....
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Making of The Sky Fisherman

Akin Bilgic
shows us how he used 3dsmax and ZBrush to create his image ‘The Sky Fisherman’ in Project Overview. Read More ....

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Photorealistic Anisotropy with mental ray for Maya

In this video, from “Introduction to the Hypershade in Maya 2009” , learn how to properly use the anisotropic features of the mental ray architectural material. By taking full advantage of this powerful feature, you can create incredibly realistic metallic surfaces that can mimic rough, brushed metals commonly seen across many real world objects. Read more ....

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie Trailer

Sony Pictures Animation has released the movie trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Inspired by the beloved children’s book, the film tells the story of a scientist named Flint Lockwood, who while trying to solve world hunger who encounters a problem of global proportions, as food begins to fall from the sky like rain. Written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, executive producers of the television show How I Met Your Mother, and featuring a voice cast comprised of Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Andy Samberg, James Caan, Bruce Campbell, Tracy Morgan and Mr. T.

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Photoshop Post Processing For 3D Visualizer

This tutorial used Photoshop for 3d visualizer post processing. Viktor fretyan from Hungaria show how to used photoshop for 3d image. Read More ....

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Houdini 10 Sneak Peek

Houdini 10 is currently being beta tested and is proving to be one of the coolest releases yet. This version is packed with a wealth of new features and usability changes designed to make you more productive in your day-to-day work. As we approach number 10, I wanted to talk about our development process and the steps we take as we approach a new release. Read More ....

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Hand Modeling

This tutorial method used polygon and learn modeling from sketch. Read more ...


GridironFlow is new way to see and manage all your project files, with simple and elegant interface. Now available for Mac user to download. Link ...

Tutorials for Silo

This videos are introduction for anyone new to 3D or looking to try out the Silo for the first time.

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Google Product Car

This video showing how to transform a SketchUp car model into a basic product configurator.

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Making of Twisted Mind of Puyuh

Making of Twisted Mind of Puyuh
by Leong Wan Kok, Read more ...

Yankee Gal - trailer from supinfocom

3DCreative Issue 42

3DCreative Issue 42 is out now! includes interviews,tutorials series, much more ...

The Making of

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Think outside the animation

Character animator Tom Baker teach how to creating a traditional cel animation-style movie, from concept to post-production. Read more...

RealFlow RenderKit

The RealFlow RenderKit is a set of tools that has been designed to facilitate the complex task of rendering RealFlow™ fluids. The RFRK enables you to generate procedural geometry at render time, and also render individual fluid particles. Read more...

Red Vertex Foliage Tutorial

This tutorial used 3dsmax and vray, With very large scene and plants to make impression of a forest. Read more...

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Making of the Standing Beauty

This tutorial created by Asan Umerov, it's inspiration from photography and bring it to 3d. Read more...

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Tutorial UV, Autodesk Maya

This tutorials shows the techniques and workflow you could use to successfully unwrap a model's UV's with Autodesk Maya. Read more...

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Mudbox 2009: Quick Start Series

want to learning Autodesk Mudbox 2009 ?..., this is the series containt quick start and techniques to sculpting 3d object. learn more ...

Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 1
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 2
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 3
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 4
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 5
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 6
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 7
Mudbox Quick Start Series - Part 8

Autodesk Mudbox 2009 freetrial

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Announcement: free CAT for Subscription customers!

Autodesk announce release of plug-in CAT for subscription program. Subcribers will recieve great tool for character animation in the price of almost one thousand US dollar.
Autodesk® 3ds Max® CAT software is a complete character animation toolset for Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2009 and Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design 2009 software. With this latest addition of Character Animation Tools (CAT) to the 3ds Max 3ds Max Design software, Autodesk continues to demonstrate its industry leadership in character animation by providing artists with even more flexibility to create complex 3D characters and animations inside the award winning 3ds Max software. 3ds Max CAT offers artists in the film, post-production, design visualization, and games industries an environment to produce better animations faster. Read more...